When the work environment is a priority

The work environment is important. Change petrol.

If you work on a daily basis within Building and Construction, it is particularly important to have a safe, secure work environment. One way to make sure of that is by using alkylate petrol.

Aspen alkylate petrol contains up to 99% fewer harmful hydrocarbons compared to ordinary petrol. It is virtually free from harmful substances like sulphur, benzene and aromatic hydrocarbons. Kinder, not just to you and your immediate environment but also to your work tools. It keeps the engines cleaner and makes them easier to start.

Perfect performance in everything petrol-driven – from disc cutters, road rollers, construction lifts and concrete breakers to compact loaders and mini-diggers.

The additional cost of a more sensible fuel is negligible – the benefits, in the form of both personnel and machinery feeling and functioning better, are considerable.

Change petrol – for people, machines and the environment.

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