Aspen Outboard Oil

Aspen Outboard oil is a biologically degradable, fully synthetic oil for two-stroke outboard engines. The oil is based on sustainable raw materials. Moreover, it complies with the latest specifications for outboard engines, TC-W3 RL, that have been produced by the US-based National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA). In general the outboard oil is to be used when the engine is water cooled. Is the engine air cooled Aspen 2 is to be used. We recommend you to contact your engine manufacturer for the right choice of oil.

Aspen Outboard oil satisfies the environmental requirements that have been established by the “Clean lubrication in Göteborg” project initiated by The Gothenburg Region Association of Local Authorities (GR), Göteborg’s Environmental Office, as well as the Swedish Delegation for Sustainable Technology.

Fields of application:


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