Help keep water fit for life – change petrol

Did you know…

…that 25% of the fuel from thousands of older outboard motors remains unburnt and goes straight into lakes, the sea and waterways?

When you use Aspen alkylate petrol, you reduce harmful hydrocarbons emissions by 99%. It might sound incredible, but the figures speak for themselves: Using regular petrol results in 300 times as many pollutants ending up in the water compared to when you use Aspen.

Aspen alkylate petrol is not just cleaner, it is also a more efficient fuel. In addition, it keeps 10 times longer. You don't need to empty the tank over the winter and the engine will start more easily when the time comes to launch your boat.

Perfect performance for most outboard motors, regardless of how old they are. Available in 5-, 25- and 200 litre containers.

Choose Aspen 4 and our outboard oil for your boat engine.

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