Lantmännen Aspen receives many great ideas and proposals for different types of collaborative venture and, unfortunately, we are not able to get involved in all of them. If you have a project that you believe Lantmännen Aspen would be able to contribute to and benefit from as a sponsor, please consider the following points first: 

 We give priority to projects that are in line with the Lantmännen Aspen brand and our responsibility for people, machines and the environment within the field of specialist fuels.

 The projects should preferably be of a national nature.

For us, sponsorship is not about gifts or charity. Instead we view it as a collaboration that both parties will benefit from.

 All sponsorship must adhere to our Lantmännen general code of conduct. We do not sponsor political or religious organisations, risky activities, activities that could harm people, animals or the environment, or any activities that might be perceived as offensive or unethical. Lantmännen's code of conduct can be found here:

You ought to submit your application well in advance – at least 3 months before project start.

 Put forward tangible services that we can expect in return – give us a clear concept of the way Lantmännen Aspen will benefit from a collaborative venture

Exposure for our logo is not one of our principal motivations within sponsorship.

Products from Lantmännen Aspen are not free of charge for us – they are viewed as expenditure items.

We are not sponsoring people under the age of 15.

If you feel your project fulfils the above criteria, please email Lantmännen Aspen with your enquiry: sonny.back@lantmannen.com Please be concise. If we consider your application to be of interest, we will get back to you

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