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We have a fantastic product. Aspen alkylate petrol is kinder to people, machine and environment. Quite simply - fuel for people who care. Our vision is to give as many people as possible the chance to use it. Let’s start at the beginning. 

Aspen's founder Roland Elmäng was a thoughtful and innovative engineer. And a man of action. One day in the late 1980s, he read an article about the harmful conditions that forestry workers had to work in, surrounded by chainsaw fumes. Roland thought it should be possible to do something that would improve the situation. With many years of experience in the petroleum industry and as fuel expert at Volvo, he was the right man for the task. He had a sudden brainwave about producing a fuel that was adapted for the environment and health. He realised that there were fuel components that would work much better – both for people and machines.

Roland recollected that during the second World War, high-octane fuel had been produced from gases created in the oil refining process. This fuel was used by the air force. The technique was called alkylation and provided an improved product which, in contrast to regular petrol, did not contain benzene, lead, sulphur or other hazardous substances. No sooner said than done – and with alkylate as the main component – Roland developed a specialist fuel for chainsaws.

It proved to be a stroke of genius. He had created an improved fuel that was not just better for the health of forestry workers, but for the chainsaws too. The cleaner, more efficient fuel led to better performance and reliability for the engines and, on top of that, fewer repairs were required. It also produced much lower emissions and was therefore better for the environment. It was almost too good to be true. 

Searching for strategic partners to enable further product development, Roland approached Husqvarna. In contrast to the major oil companies, they immediately saw the benefits of Aspen's cleaner fuel. Aspen alkylate petrol was launched at the forestry industry trade fair, “Skogs Elmia” in 1989 and success was secured. In principle, all forestry workers changed over to alkylate petrol overnight. This was the start of an enduring and comprehensive partnership. Aspen handled product development and Husqvarna, with its nationwide network of distributors, became the perfect channel to reach customers. At specialist servicing centres, mechanics were transformed in to entrepreneurs who did more than fix chainsaws.They now stocked petrol and a range of accessories.

Aspen too has been on a journey. Twenty years on and we are proud to be the world leader in the development and marketing of specially adapted fuel. We offer fuels for most petrol-powered small engines within every field from horticulture, forestry and snow clearance, to boating, motor sport and snowmobiles. Through our range of alternative fuels, we want to make it easy for professional and private customers to make a difference.

Today, Aspen is a highly-specialized knowledge-based company, with 45 dedicated employees. Since 2006, we have been owned by Lantmännen. This has given us even greater opportunities to promote our alternative, specially adapted fuels. It has also allowed us to focus more of our resources on R&D work. Aspen alkylate petrol is on sale everywhere from garden centres, builders' merchants and supermarkets, to specialist stores, marinas and marine sports stores.

Today we are represented in 17 European countries and with more markets being added every year. With our European distribution network almost complete, we will look at other continents for expansion.

At the heart of Aspen’s philosophy is the belief that our customers and partners should have confidence in us and our products. And just as in Roland Elmäng's day, creativity, innovation and a strong commitment to the environment are the hallmarks of our company. 

Our head office, close to Gothenburg, Sweden, houses our R&D, production and distribution facilities. It’s location is ideal from a logistics perspective, being close to a national motorway and airport. There is also a lake nearby called Aspen, from which our company takes its name. 

You are always welcome to get in touch if you have any questions or ideas, whether you are a customer, retailer or if you would like to work with us.

Welcome to Aspen!

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